Rosen, what’s your border solution?

Reno Gazette Journal August 12, 2018

Dear Jacky Rosen, based on your non-response to my column on immigrants’ need to learn English, I am guessing you are not really into policy discussions and prefer one-liners on Twitter. The tactic of using one-liners work in the House where you can disappear into a crowd of 435; but in the Senate, with a membership of 100, there is no place to hide.

Allow me to discuss your recent string of one-liners: separation of families at the border. “This is shameful, thousands of families have experienced permanent trauma…”, claimed one of your many tweets on the issue. So, Jacky, you blame the Executive branch for family separation. What you fail to discuss, is the fact that when an adult illegally crosses the border, (s)he gets apprehended. When an adult is apprehended, the child they have with them cannot be held in federal prison along with the parent. That’s where the separation happens.

So, Jacky, what is your solution? Apprehend the children with the parents? Allow the parents into America so they can be together? This practice is referred to as catch and release, where the illegal immigrants and their children are released into America with the expectation they will show up in court. In reality, well over 80% of those “caught and released” do not show up in court and become part of the illegal immigrant population in America. It is this insane catch and release policy which has led to the current crisis. You see, Jacky, if an adult shows up at the border, (s)he gets arrested and eventually sent back. However, if the same person shows up with a child, they will be allowed to come in because people like you, your voices amplified by the biased media, scream of “permanent trauma” caused by enforcing our laws at the border. Guess what, people are smart. They grab a child, any child, knowing that they will be allowed into America. Many of the adults who accompany these minors are not even their parents. A few months later, the child needs his/her parents; now we need to let the parents in. Either that or you will scream of permanent trauma again. Once the parents get legal status, chain migration begins with the parents bringing their parents (the child’s grandparents), who then turn around and bring their other children (the child’s aunts and uncles). The circle of government sanctioned illegal immigration continues round and round.

One final point: If you or I were to end up in prison, we would be separated from their families. Why does the same not apply to those who illegally cross our border? Why does America hold a higher moral responsibility than the parents who recklessly endanger their children? Since when did America become the world’s nanny? Our system has been played like a violin, our sympathy and kindness have been abused. Congress needs to appropriate the funds to secure the border, end chain migration, and enact laws that stops rewarding illegal immigration. Mexico should be held accountable for allowing people to illegally cross its northern border. And, Jacky Rosen, you need to start contributing to solutions instead of exacerbating the problem with inflammatory tweets.