Open Letter to President Trump

Reno Gazette Journal August 27, 2017

Dear Mr. President, I am writing this letter to humbly request that you focus on things that matter most to you and to many of us who elected you. Despite the cynicism expressed from the left that you ran for the highest office in the land to satisfy your ego, I really believe that you ran for President so you can Make America Great Again, and that starts with economic success. As most reasonable people understand, government doesn’t create jobs, it merely creates an environment where the private sector can create high paying jobs. You are off to an excellent start: you dismantled the onerous regulatory regime, you boosted defense spending, you reformed the VA, you clamped down on illegal immigration and you came close to repealing Obamacare before John “I voted for the repeal many times before I voted against it” McCain decided to torpedo it.

These are just a few examples of your successes. Now, let’s look at what the left has done during that same timeframe. Literally the day after you were elected, they did everything to get in the way. They had the “women’s march” the day after your inauguration. Let’s call it for what it is: people who did not vote for you did not like the result and decided to march. Where were these women when Hillary tried to destroy Monica Lewinsky or anyone else who testified against her husband? Where were these women when men of North African origin conducted mass sexual attacks in Cologne? All the left has offered is investigations, marches, resist and anti-something or the other. They have no answers to Iran, North Korea or anything else for that matter. 

They accuse you of racism; Supposedly, you are against blacks. Under President Obama the median income of black households fell by about $1000 a year. In contrast, over the last year, black unemployment has dropped by a full percentage point and 600,000 more blacks are employed today compared to last year and black job growth is 40 percent higher per month since you took office than when Obama was President. I guess for some, results are not as important as “I feel your pain” or “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin”.

Mr. President, one final point: Many of us who voted for you appreciate what you have championed from a policy standpoint but we could use a little less drama. Your speech on Saturday after the riots in Charlottesville was good and Monday’s was better. That line on Tuesday, “fine people on both sides”, did not make any sense and should have been avoided. Fine people don’t march with idiots wearing hoods. Besides, that presser was to discuss infrastructure and you cannot let others highjack your presser. Going forward, let’s focus on items like infrastructure and tax reform. The cab driver in Vegas, the factory worker in Youngstown, the auto worker in Detroit, the coal worker in Pennsylvania, and their families are all depending on you.