Laxalt’s Basque Fry puts Northern Nevada on the map

Reno Gazette Journal September 2, 2018

Last weekend, Nevada Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt hosted the 4th Annual Basque Fry. The event is slowly but surely becoming a strong tradition where Nevadans mingle with high profile luminaries over fried lamb testicles at the Corley Ranch in Gardnerville. This year’s guest list included one of the greatest heroes of our time, Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, who was the only surviving member of a 4-member SEAL team sent into Afghanistan in 2005. I strongly recommend his book Lone Survivor. That book will bring tears to the eyes of every American patriot, as it did for me.

While the heat at the Corley Ranch may be unbearable, the memories from the event are often unforgettable. I remember, back in 2016, when Ted Cruz hopped off the stage after his speech and mingled with the people in the crowd. That year, almost the entire Republican slate of primary contenders for President spoke at the event and mingled with the people. Attendees included Governor Scott Walker, Senator Ted Cruz, Doctor Ben Carson, Miss Carly Fiorina and John Bolton. Almost all of them spent time meeting with and answering questions from attendees one-on-one. Isn’t that the greatness of this country when a farm worker from Minden can shake hands with a legitimate presidential candidate? What an honor it is for that young man from Elko who spends his days down a mine shaft to meet a presidential contender? What an opportunity it is for that ranch worker from Tonopah to meet with several presidential candidates? Adam Laxalt, through the Basque Fry, brings prominent national leaders to rural Nevada where working-class Nevadans can meet with prominent Republicans.

Every year, there are a handful of far-left activists protesting the event. In some cases, they have snuck into the event and disrupted the speeches. While I fully recognize the right of these people to assemble peacefully, entering the event and disrupting the proceedings crosses the line. There should be no tolerance from reasonable Democrats for such behavior. Even if Democrats do not agree with the politics, the fact that this event provides a venue for average Nevadans to mingle with high-profile politicians is something that should be celebrated. If Liberals don’t like the politics, they should feel free to put together their own event, bring in high-profile liberal politicians, and get them to mingle with the grassroots folks like Adam has done. The Democratic party and the State of Nevada would be better served by actions that are positive.

One final point: Although Nevada is considered a small state, Attorney General Adam Laxalt has brought national leaders to rural Nevada and, in doing so, has punched way above his weight. Just a few years back, as the Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid was one of the most powerful people in Washington, DC. He could have easily put together an event of this type. Apparently, that wasn’t a priority. Adam, on the other hand, has made it a priority to organize this annual event. He deserves the credit for putting Northern Nevada on the map. If he can put together an event of this magnitude as the Attorney General, just imagine the kind of things he will accomplish as Governor.