It’s morning again in America

Reno Gazette Journal January 14, 2018

With over 2.1 million jobs created in 2017, a college student can look forward to a job upon graduation. The economy has grown over 3% in Q2 and Q3 of 2017 with an expected growth of close to 4% in Q4. With unemployment for black workers plummeting to 6.8%, the lowest level in recorded history, minorities can today enjoy the fruits of a vibrant economy more than ever before and it is morning again in America.

The stock market has set over a hundred record highs since Donald Trump won the White House. Couples can retire early because their 401(k)s have been soaring thanks to a 40% gain since election day. Public employees can rest easy because their pension funds (which are loaded with stocks) are more solvent than a year ago. Grandparents who a year ago were concerned about their financial future, may cut back on hours worked and spend more time with their grandchildren as the growth in their nest egg will afford them that option. It is Morning Again in America.

We can sleep slightly better as ISIS is no longer controlling oil fields and generating revenue to fund terrorism. Syrian dictator Assad knows President Trump and Secretary Mattis will enforce “Red Lines” against chemical weapons. The mullahs in Iran are losing sleep as America stands behind the Iranian people fighting for their God-given rights. Pakistan realizes that supporting terrorists in Afghanistan will come at a steep financial price. We are holding our allies accountable for the financial commitments they have made to NATO. America will no longer blindly send hundreds of millions of dollars (more than any other nation) to the UN whose only accomplishment in recent memory is to pass resolutions against our ally, Israel. It’s a wakeup call for the world, that it is Morning Again in America.

With tax reform cutting the corporate tax rates down to 21% from 35%, more corporations are investing in their workforce. More Americans have extra money to spend as more than 100 companies have announced the payment of over $1 billion collectively in bonuses to their employees as a consequence of the tax reform. With corporate tax rates down, corporations are bringing back the cash that is sitting overseas, investing on American soil and creating more jobs here instead of in other countries. That factory worker can now buy a new and safer car for his wife, thanks to the near-doubling in standard deduction. That cab driver can take his family out to dinner a few more times a month, thanks to the lowered tax rate. Free enterprise can again thrive in America, thanks to the tearing down of the meaningless regulations. Today 2 million fewer people are dependent on government food stamps than just a year ago. America is much closer to energy self-sufficiency as President Trump has unshackled the energy complex from onerous regulations thus preventing money from being sent to countries like Iran and Russia.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is once again, Morning in America!