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Nevada should reject corporate welfare for A’s stadium

Reno Gazette Journal August 22, 2021 The Oakland A’s, currently in tense negotiations with the City of Oakland to build a new stadium, are considering a move to Las Vegas. Unhappy with the Oakland City Council’s unwillingness to pass the team’s proposed stadium financing on to the taxpayers, the A’s have taken two trips […]

The Nevada Legislature’s GOP Surrender Caucus

Reno Gazette Journal June 13, 2021 This is an open letter to the Nevada Legislature’s GOP Surrender Caucus (which consists of Jill Tolles, Tom Roberts, Heidi Gansert, Ben Kieckhefer, Scott Hammond and Keith Pickard): Dear friends, I consider some of you in this open letter as my friends. While I continue to consider you […]

Three Critical Structural Improvements for Nevada

Reno Gazette Journal February 14, 2021 The Nevada Legislature is in its biennial session and the focus is on preparing and approving the budget for the next two years. While that is a constitutionally mandated part of the legislature and the Governor’s duties, there are significant long-term issues that Nevada should also plan to […]

Nevada legislative session: Let’s get ready to rumble

Reno Gazette Journal January 31, 2021 Nevada’s 120-day Biennial Legislative Session is set to convene on February 1st. As with any Legislative Session, there is an associated backdrop. While there will be plenty of time for us to discuss policy between now and May 31st (when the legislature is scheduled to adjourn sine die), […]

Summarizing the Nevada Legislative Session

Reno Gazette Journal June 23, 2019 The Nevada Legislature has adjourned following its biennial session and several hundred bills have been passed. While it is not possible to summarize all the activities of the four-month session in a short column, this column will attempt to give you a high-level view of the key legislation. […]