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Nevada’s ‘public option’ is another legislative blunder

Reno Gazette Journal July 11,2021 During the recently concluded 2021 legislative session, the Nevada State Legislature passed the state-managed “Public Option” in healthcare making it just the second state in the nation to pass such a law. The public option plan will be available for purchase to eligible participants starting in 2026. For starters, […]

Bernie Sanders has a math problem

Reno Gazette Journal December 9, 2018 Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont along with Congresswoman elect Ocasio-Cortez released their legislative agenda for the upcoming Congress in the first 100 days. The plan includes a plethora of socialist proposals with no consideration to the price tag. Let’s examine the costs and the consequences associated […]

Socialized Medicine Does Not Work

Reno Gazette Journal September 24, 2017 Last week, Bernie Sanders proposed a single-payer system which would nationalize healthcare in America. This measure garnered the support of 16 other Democrat Senators and over 100 Democrats in the House. Let us examine the ramifications of this bill’s approach. Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once wrote, […]

ObamaCare Came at Too High a Price

Reno Gazette Journal August 13, 2017 John with a family of three pays $17,000 a year for his health insurance. Trevor with a family of four spent over $14,000 in insurance premium and $7000 more in out-of-pocket costs last year. David’s premium has gone from $2600 to $9000 a year. He cut his finger […]