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Why I am voting yes on Question 3

Reno Gazette Journal September 30, 2018 By now you are aware of Question 3. You are probably hearing “No on 3” echoing in your ears while you are asleep. With an advertising budget far exceeding any other ballot initiative, Question 3 will likely be the most expensive ballot measure campaign in the history of […]

Laxalt’s Basque Fry puts Northern Nevada on the map

Reno Gazette Journal September 2, 2018 Last weekend, Nevada Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt hosted the 4th Annual Basque Fry. The event is slowly but surely becoming a strong tradition where Nevadans mingle with high profile luminaries over fried lamb testicles at the Corley Ranch in Gardnerville. This year’s guest list included […]

Primary sets up GOP for a good November

Reno Gazette Journal June 24, 2018 The primary election is behind us and here are a few takeaways along with as assessment of what to expect in November. Adam Laxalt has a huge fundraising advantage: Republican candidate for Governor Adam Laxalt is sitting on a $4 million war chest. Democratic nominee for Governor Sisolak […]

Duncan will make a great Attorney General

Reno Gazette Journal June 10, 2018 Primary day is coming up and if you haven’t either voted early or through absentee ballot, I hope you plan to vote on Tuesday, June 12. Voting is a right that we, in this country, take for granted but let us realize that well over half the world […]

Extreme left’s attack on Laxalt desperate, despicable

Reno Gazette Journal December 10, 2017 Last week, on this very page, a columnist had referred to our state’s Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt as an “Empty Suit” questioning Adam Laxalt’s performance as Attorney General and his qualifications to be Governor of this great state. The author’s claims are highly unsubstantiated and […]

Democrats try to destroy Adam Laxalt

Reno Gazette Journal May 28, 2017 Back in 2008, Harry Reid’s approval ratings were plummeting faster than a failed spacecraft hurtling towards planet Earth. Several Republicans were getting ready to mount a challenge against Senator Reid. Prominent among them was a soft-spoken, down-to-earth decent human being named Brian Krolicki. He had impeccable credentials: a […]