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Nevada election process is wide open for fraud

Reno Gazette Journal April 11, 2021 In the 2020 election cycle, in a special session, in the middle of the night, using COVID related emergency powers, by a partisan vote in both chambers, Nevada’s Democrat legislators passed AB4. This bill allowed for a mostly mail-in ballot and legalized a process called ballot harvesting, which […]

Nevada’s post-election legislative landscape

Reno Gazette Journal December 6, 2020 Canvassing of votes from November 3rd election is complete and counties are in the process of certifying the results. While the focus has been at the federal level, there are some impactful results in races for the state legislature that are worth reviewing. To provide a little context […]

Recommendations for the 2020 general election ballot

Reno Gazette Journal October 18, 2020 Election day (November 3) is just over two weeks out. Mail-in ballots are already in your mailbox. This column provides recommendations for the non-partisan offices and the ballot questions with a brief explanation where space permits. University of Nevada Regent District 10: Kevin Melcher. Kevin’s brings prior experience […]

Nevada Democrats open election process to fraud

Reno Gazette Journal August 9, 2020 Last week, in a special session of the Nevada Legislature, the Democrats, by a straight party line vote, passed a legislation that will require a mostly mail-in vote for the November General election. While Nevadans have historically had the opportunity to request an absentee ballot by mail, this […]

2020 Primary Ballot Recommendations

Republican Primaries Representative in Congress, District 2: Mark Amodei. Registration: R +10 Fundraising: Mark has $293,000 Cash on Hand (CoH) Details: While I have disagreed with Mark on a few issues like immigration, overall he has done a good job and I see no reason to support anyone else in this race. This is a […]

Takeaways from Super Tuesday

Reno Gazette Journal March 8, 2020 Super Tuesday has come and gone and a total of 1357 delegates (34% of the total) were allocated to various candidates on March 3rd. While most of the delegates from the Super Tuesday are still in the process of being allocated, there are clear trends that give us a […]

The Iowa Mess and the Internal Workings of a Caucus

Reno Gazette Journal February 9, 2020 The 2020 Presidential primary season kicked off with the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus. The days long, massive delay by the Iowa Democrat Party has brought to light the challenges in organizing a caucus. As the first Vice Chairman of Washoe County Republican Party (WCRP) in 2012, I was part of […]

What election results mean for Nevada

Reno Gazette Journal November 11, 2018 The 2018 election cycle has ended and the results have been tabulated. Nevadans can now safely turn their TV and computer screens on without candidates accusing opponents of kicking dogs and ruining clear blue skies. With the dust settling, let’s take a look at the results and the […]

Sam Kumar’s ballot recommendations

Reno Gazette Journal October 28, 2018 Early voting has started in Nevada with Election Day on November 6. I am presenting my ballot recommendations below for your consideration. I have covered key partisan offices and most non-partisan offices. Governor: Adam Laxalt. A growing economy creates jobs and increases wages. Adam has put together an […]

Laxalt is running a campaign of ideas

Reno Gazette Journal October 14, 2018 Last week, Gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt released his economic development plan. Neatly consolidated into seven basic points, it provides plenty of depth and is more detailed than many plans put forth by presidential primary contenders. Before we dig into Adam’s economic plan, let’s look at Nevada’s economy over […]