Author: samkumar

God bless our Armed Forces

Reno Gazette Journal September 5, 2021 August 31 marks the first day in nearly two decades when there is no American military presence in Afghanistan. Since combat operations started in 2001, nearly 2500 American military personnel have lost their lives in Afghanistan. The most recent attack on August 26 claimed 13 more, making it […]

Nevada should reject corporate welfare for A’s stadium

Reno Gazette Journal August 22, 2021 The Oakland A’s, currently in tense negotiations with the City of Oakland to build a new stadium, are considering a move to Las Vegas. Unhappy with the Oakland City Council’s unwillingness to pass the team’s proposed stadium financing on to the taxpayers, the A’s have taken two trips […]

The incoherent handling of COVID

Reno Gazette Journal August 8, 2021 Last week, the CDC reversed its mask policy and issued a recommendation that fully vaccinated people begin wearing masks indoors in areas with substantial and high COVID transmission rates. California’s Governor Newsom followed suit. Just hours later, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak took the CDC recommendation and turned it […]

Biden’s man-made illegal immigration crisis

Reno Gazette Journal July 25, 2021 US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has made more than 1 million arrests of illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border this fiscal year (starting October 1, 2020). This is the highest number of arrests since 2000. This past June, 188,829 illegal immigrants were arrested, the highest monthly tally […]

Nevada’s ‘public option’ is another legislative blunder

Reno Gazette Journal July 11,2021 During the recently concluded 2021 legislative session, the Nevada State Legislature passed the state-managed “Public Option” in healthcare making it just the second state in the nation to pass such a law. The public option plan will be available for purchase to eligible participants starting in 2026. For starters, […]

Economic reasons for opposing the mining tax

Reno Gazette Journal June 27,2021 My last column focused on the Nevada Legislature’s Republican Surrender Caucus of Heidi Gansert, Jill Tolles and Ben Kieckhefer from the Washoe county and Tom Roberts, Keith Pickard and Scott Hammond from Clark county. While that column focused primarily on disagreement in political philosophy, my strong feelings on this […]

The Nevada Legislature’s GOP Surrender Caucus

Reno Gazette Journal June 13, 2021 This is an open letter to the Nevada Legislature’s GOP Surrender Caucus (which consists of Jill Tolles, Tom Roberts, Heidi Gansert, Ben Kieckhefer, Scott Hammond and Keith Pickard): Dear friends, I consider some of you in this open letter as my friends. While I continue to consider you […]

Biden first four disastrous months

Reno Gazette Journal May 23, 2021 The Biden administration has completed its first four months in office and the economic data has started to arrive. An early assessment does not paint a pretty picture. Let’s start with the jobs situation. April hiring, which was expected to be at a million ended up at 266,000. […]

Gun control is not as easy as liberals claim

Reno Gazette Journal April 25, 2021 Following last week’s deadly shooting in Indianapolis, President Biden called gun violence a “national embarrassment”. He called for “commonsense gun violence prevention legislation like Universal Background checks and a ban of weapons of war”. While I share President Biden’s frustration with the situation and the meaningless loss of […]

Nevada election process is wide open for fraud

Reno Gazette Journal April 11, 2021 In the 2020 election cycle, in a special session, in the middle of the night, using COVID related emergency powers, by a partisan vote in both chambers, Nevada’s Democrat legislators passed AB4. This bill allowed for a mostly mail-in ballot and legalized a process called ballot harvesting, which […]