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Bye bye, Paris Climate Accord!

Reno Gazette Journal June 11, 2017 The recent move by the Trump Administration to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty caused considerable consternation among many in this country and abroad. Let’s start by reviewing a few quick facts on the Paris Treaty. It will collect up to $100 Billion a year from countries like […]

Democrats try to destroy Adam Laxalt

Reno Gazette Journal May 28, 2017 Back in 2008, Harry Reid’s approval ratings were plummeting faster than a failed spacecraft hurtling towards planet Earth. Several Republicans were getting ready to mount a challenge against Senator Reid. Prominent among them was a soft-spoken, down-to-earth decent human being named Brian Krolicki. He had impeccable credentials: a […]

President Trump’s pro growth tax plan

Reno Gazette Journal May 14, 2017 In the history of the United States, there have been several major tax cuts. It started back in 1920s when President Calvin Coolidge and his Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon cut the income tax rate from 73 to 24 percent; and federal government revenues went up by over 40 […]

Most voters don’t care about President Trump’s tax returns

Reno Gazette Journal April 23, 2017 On April 15th, our traditional deadline for federal income tax filings, there were protests around the country demanding President Trump release his tax returns. While President Trump has not released any of his tax returns, a few pages of his tax return from 2005 were leaked. For the […]

Sanctuary Cities send wrong message

Reno Gazette Journal April 9, 2017 The federal government is considering withholding grant money from cities that do not cooperate in enforcing immigration laws. In response to this possible federal action, some cities and states, including Nevada, have attempted to pass legislation declaring themselves as sanctuary cities or states. Let us start by understanding […]

Minimum wage increase is a bad idea

Reno Gazette Journal March 26, 2017 Three weeks back, my good friend Randi Thompson wrote an opinion piece about minimum wage legislation on this page. This is a concurring opinion and I would strongly recommend that you also read Randi’s piece to fully understand the ramifications of this poorly thought out bill which is […]

Colin Kaepernick’s self-serving hypocrisy

Reno Gazette Journal March 12, 2017 Last week, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick announced that starting next season he will stand for the national anthem instead of taking a knee. Curiously, this decision comes on the heels of his announcement that he will be opting out of his contract to become a free […]

President Trump’s successful first month

Reno Gazette Journal February 26, 2017 Let me start by admitting that while I voted for President Trump, I did so with some reservation. He had no legislative record which I could use to anticipate his future performance.  His words at times seemed to contradict. He offered no specifics but spoke in broad themes. […]

President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order: Compassion starts with protecting our own

Reno Gazette Journal February 12, 2017—compassion-starts-protecting-your-own-sam-kumar/97674102/ President Trump’s Executive Order imposing temporary restrictions on immigration from seven countries has drawn plenty of attention.  It may seem heartless to turn away a bride who is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be with her groom or a recently widowed woman who wants to be with her […]

Trump’s cabinet far more diverse than Obama’s

Reno Gazette Journal January 22, 2017 As the 45th President of the United States took his oath of office, it is important for us to pause and compare his cabinet with that of his predecessor’s.  While much has been made of the lack of superficial diversity (ethnicity, national origin, skin color, etc.), scant attention […]