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Every day, I am thankful I am a citizen of this great country. There is a debt I owe this country which will never be repaid. Over the past many years, I have seen my involvement in the community as a small “thank you” to this amazing nation. The columns I have written for the Reno Gazette Journal, many of which have been reprinted by newspapers across the country from Rochester to Houston and many places in between, is part of my small thank you.

My desire to represent Assembly District 25 in the Nevada Legislature is just the next step in the evolution of that gratitude to this great country. Two-thirds of Americans think our country is on the wrong track. Here are some reasons why:

Skyrocketing Inflation: Nevadans are paying 15.6% more today than they did in January 2021 (Source: US Congress JEC). This costs an average Nevada household $845 more a month than it did less than two years ago.

K-12 Education: We have raised billions in additional taxes to pay for our schools, yet just 29% of our 8th graders are rated proficient in Reading and Math (Source: NAEP, The Nations’s Report Card). Those numbers are based on data prior to COVID shutdowns and have deteriorated significantly since. Nevada spends $9,417 per student (Source: World Population Review) while our neighboring states Utah ($7,628), Idaho ($7,771) and Arizona ($8,239) spend less, yet all those three states outperform us in producing results.

Gas Price: Nevadans pay one of the highest gas prices in the entire country. Think about this: Nevadans pay an average of $5.36 per gallon, while Floridians are paying an average of $3.36 per gallon right after the devastation of Hurricane Ian.

Those are just a few examples of our beloved state leading the nation for the wrong reasons. We can do better, and as your Assemblyman I will work hard and convince elected officials from both parties to join me in ensuring Nevada leads the nation in all things that matter to everyday Nevadans. I would appreciate your vote, and it will be a great honor to serve you!

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Thank you for visiting my page. I look forward to working with you to move our country, our state and our community forward.


Sam Kumar


There is nothing government can give you that it hasn’t taken from you in the first place.

– Winston Churchill

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As an engineer and a businessman, I have tackled and solved some of the most complex problems in some of the world’s largest companies. As a columnist, I laid problems bare. As a TV analyst, I sparred with those who had a different viewpoint, yet walked away from the conversation as friends. As a candidate, I will work harder than anyone to earn the trust of the voters in Assembly District 25.


I have been in the trenches. Regardless of what I do, there is always one constant: I challenge preconceived notions which hold us back from what we can and must be.


We must remember that which we hold dear if we are to build that which we cherish.


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