Author: samkumar

Banning Firearms will have More Costs than Benefits

Reno Gazette Journal August 18, 2019 Last week, in El Paso, Texas, a lone gunman killed 22 and injured 24 innocent people who were out shopping on a Saturday morning at Walmart. Less than 15 hours after the El Paso shooting, another gunman in Dayton, Ohio killed nine people in 32 seconds including his […]

Bob Mueller’s Last Act

Reno Gazette Journal August 4, 2019 The highly anticipated testimony by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has come and gone and here are my key takeaways from his separate Congressional testimonies in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. For starters, it was a huge bust. At many points during his testimony, Mueller seemed […]

Women’s Soccer and the Equal Pay Debate

Reno Gazette Journal July 21, 2019 As the United States women’s soccer team won the World Cup and was getting ready to receive the medals, chants of equal pay were heard from many in attendance. Similar chants were also heard at the New York City Hall during the celebration honoring the team. Senator Joe […]

Questions for Democrat Presidential Candidates

Reno Gazette Journal July 4, 2019 During the recent Democrat Presidential debates, several of you spoke in Spanish, and every single one of you in the second debate raised your hand when you were asked if government health plan should cover illegal aliens. Time after time, just about every single one of you have […]

Summarizing the Nevada Legislative Session

Reno Gazette Journal June 23, 2019 The Nevada Legislature has adjourned following its biennial session and several hundred bills have been passed. While it is not possible to summarize all the activities of the four-month session in a short column, this column will attempt to give you a high-level view of the key legislation. […]