Sam Kumar.
Former Washoe Republican Party Chairman.

The stakes…

At times like these, it is important to know who we are as a nation, what we believe as a people, and what we are compelled to become.

As we navigate the challenges before us, I believe it is important to call out those ideas which would destroy what we hold dear, the actors who would willingly cast aside our freedoms, and lend clarity to the most pressing questions of our time.

Join me as we explore not just the dust cover of today’s issues, but the meat of what we must wrestle with to preserve our nation and ideals.

/Sam Kumar

There is nothing government can give you that it hasn’t taken from you in the first place.

– Winston Churchill

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As an engineer, I have tackled and solved some of the most complex problems in some of the world’s largest companies. As a columnist, I lay problems bare.


I have been in the trenches as a volunteer, as a party activist, as a conservative, and now, I challenge preconceived notions which hold us back from what we can and must be.


We must remember that which we hold dear if we are to build that which we cherish.


Looking back to our best to establish the path to our goals